cubes and spinners

12 sided fidget cube

This is our 12-sided Fidget Cube. It comes in many different colors, For options please contact us. Prices range from $12.99-$20.99 depending on the color. This one is $17.99

Spray-Paint Series

This is a spinner from our Spray-Paint series. Each one is custom made. The prices range from $12.99- $20.99 depending on the amount of colors.This red and silvery one above is $13.99 Please contact us for different colors and prices. 

U.S.A. flag fidget spinner

This is our U.S.A. flag fidget spinner. 


Camouflage Fidget-Spinner

This is our camouflage fidget-spinner. $25.99 

Sprinkles Fidget-Spinner

This is our sprinkles fidget spinner.   $27.99

Glow in the dark Fidget-Spinner

This is our Glow-in-the-Dark Fidget-Spinner. $14.99

4-Sided Black/Neon Splatter-Paint Fidget-Spinner

This is our 4-sided fidget spinner, its black with neon splatter paint.


Black Fidget-Spinner with Neon Splatter-Paint

This is our neon Splatter-Paint Spinner.


Basketball Fidget-Spinner.

This is our Basketball Fidget-Spinner. $24.99 

Plain Color Spinners

These spinners come in many different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, ect.)

The price depends on the color 

Metallic Spinners

These Spinners have a very glossy finish. (Contact us for color variations.)

Price depends on color.

Fidget Contoller

This is our Fidget Controller, it is kind of like a Fidget Cube but is shaped like a video game controller and has different features. 


Gear Spiner

This is our Gear Spinner it looks like it has 3 gears on each gear there is a button to click just like a fidget cube would have it also has what looks like a line of the color gold when you spin it.


White And Black Camo Spinner

This is is just like our camo fidget spinner but is black and white.


4-Sided Camo Spinner

This is our 4-sided camo spinner with a black star and a circle around the star.


Light-Up B-Ball Spinner

This Sweet Spinner Lights up when you Press the buttons, It has three different modes. Check out our Instagram for what it looks like when you spin it.


The Flamin' Dominator Spinner

This is our Flamin' Dominator Spinner. What makes this unique is that on the tips there are points. This is part of our dominator series.


The Camerican Dominator Spinner

This is just like our Flamin' Dominator but is Camo and has American flags finger pads.